Monday, August 18, 2008

The first time is a little awkward.

Am I doing this because everyone else is? Have I secretly always been curious? Will be any good? Do I make a big deal out of it? How often are you supposed to ? What if I hate it? Everyone says it’s fun and amazing, is that true?

These are all questions about blogging of course. I’ve decided to give it up, and do it. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. It’s just hard to decide the best material for my first time.

I am mostly joining the blogging craze because I need a reason to write. I am a Mechanical Engineering student, and I don’t get to use, let alone write, full sentences very often. Also, along with my major, I sit in windowless rooms, with green paper and dull pencils. I stare at computer screens and textbooks, stretching my brain beyond capacity trying to translate strange equations and symbols. I need some medium that proves to me, and others, that I really do have two functioning halves of a brain.

This will most likely not be a journal-type blog. As stated above, I doubt my life is interesting enough to have its own URL. However, there may occasionally be snippets about my life, and if this bothers you, my apologies. Future postings may include but are not limited to, the following topics:

I enjoy reading, and critiquing the New York Times. I find the articles interesting and often times humorous, so I will most likely post thoughts from my reading.

I hate politics, but I think it’s important to at least attempt to vote and think about what is wrong and right with your country. Sometimes, I may find it necessary to post on public policy (mostly economic policy), and politicians, as I consider it my civic duty.

I like to appreciate the arts: film, theatre, live music, photography, galleries, you know, artsy stuff. I have NO skills in these areas at all, but I LOVE being the person that is there to pay to enjoy them. So, I’ll probably talk about my favorite, and not so favorite, ‘artsy’ experiences.

Beyond that, I don’t know what else is going to come up. Whatever this evolves to, I am confident it will be a nice contrast to engineering computation paper, and Dr. C’s handwritten exams.

I guess the first time isn't that bad.


dallin said...

allow me to be the first to comment on the blog. way to jump in head first. im looking forward to hearing some of your political ideas and then CRUSHING them in my own blog (which was started before yours). good job, welcome to the blog world.

medicus said...

Jenny! I quite enjoyed your first post, and am looking forward to more entries! Keep it up so I have something to keep me entertained during the school year...:)

Pat said...

Hey look what I found on the internet. Jenny Pate has a blog. I expect long posts of insight and excitement from the action-packed life of Jenny. Don't let me down.

- pat cox

Nayr Nilbmah said...

Welcome Jenny pate