Thursday, August 28, 2008

I might as well say this now.

So, the post this week is a little late. This is due to two reasons. The first is that I’ve started a new project It started as just a single post idea, but then it seemed like it was going to be too much to publish in just one blog, so it got its own domain. The second is I am having serious trouble coming up with an idea for the week. This blog is young and fragile, and I don’t want to write about anything too controversial, as I might lose my one reader (you know who you are). Unfortunately, I am forced to make a stand as this is the only topic in the news this week, so I have to comment.

I guess I’ll stop wasting space and putting this off, here it goes.

I don’t like Barack Obama.

As a young college student ready for a change, I feel like I am betraying my demographic. After all, Barack is the new hip guy. I mean come on, he and his wife ‘bump it’ (a totally non-sexual term, in case you aren’t ‘with it’), how hot is that? He looks good in his advertisements, he’s different than the president we have now, and it would be great to tell my kids I voted for America’s first African-American president. I really wish I could jump on the band wagon. The problem is, he sounds like a socialist, and too often when I hear his plans and policies I find myself wondering if he ever took any sort of economics class, even just one semester in high school.

So today, I am going to explain the things he supports that I do not. I’ll stick mainly to economic factors. Maybe I’ll comment on other points on his ‘Blueprint’ later, but I don’t want to be too much of a hater (unintended rhyme that's too awesome to rephrase). Oh, and everything I comment on comes from his website (under the Issues tab, Economy and Fiscal).

On of my biggest complaint with his fiscal plans is how he defines ‘wealthy’ I’ve heard this number vary from $150,000 to $5,000,000 a year. Obama wants to slam this group with taxes to raise up the middle class. I think individuals are better at spending money than the government is, and I would much rather have Kaptial (yes, with a K) pumped into the economy through businesses and R&D teams, than redistributed the way Obama sees fit. I personally think that Americans made it to number 1 because we were able to use our money how we wanted. You didn’t have to be afraid to be at the top. Once you were the biggest, you could get bigger, and no one was sucking your pockets dry (like they would in Europe). Now I know many in my generation don’t agree because for some reason there is this anti-corporation sentiment. But, I really like corporations, who else are we going to get to sponsor Olympians, and spread American style abroad? Also, I would like to remind anti-corporate America that Apple is a corporation, and they are the sweetest company on earth.

While many of his ideas sound like the answers to the dismal statistics we’ve been watching on Wall Street this year, they seem like they might have some serious negative effects in the long run

Obama said that ‘everyone deserves to have a job at a decent wage’ or something along those lines. What if the jobs don’t exist? What if you raise minimum wage so high or are such an advocate of the right to unionize (which he is) that it becomes to expensive for a company to even operate and it has no choice but to shut the doors? What about jobs then? Ever heard of Detroit?

Also, he has a plan to make sure that minimum wage rises with inflation. I’m not a fan of this. This gives companies no room to give raises or incentives. If every worker is automatically making $9 an hour, they can’t afford to encourage more effort by giving raises within the first two weeks of work. Here is an example. When I started my very first job at Cold Stone Creamery (possibly the best job I ever had, maybe because my boyfriend and I would make out in the freezer…try it) I started at $5.50, pretty close to Federal minimum wage of $5.15. To make $5.75 an hour I memorized ice cream flavors and creations, to make $6/hr had to pass off making waffle bowls and running the ice cream machine. Other incentives followed after that. I passed of the memorization my first week of work, and other certifications soon after. The system encouraged working for your dollar, and showing the company you were committed. After minimum wage is over $8/hr I don’t know how excited business owners will be to give raises to punk high school kids up to $9, when they hardly deserve $8.

He’s all about cutting down government spending (because we all know how financially irresponsible the states have been these past 8 years), but on every one of his bullet items he is promising money. His only plan for increasing government revenue is taxing the rich. You already know how I feel about that.

Oh and he wants to expand a company’s paid sick days to 7. How many of us are already taking advantage of the 3 or 4 we have. Why make more mandatory? I think it only creates resentment between the employee and 'the man.'

I really apologize if this sounds like ranting. It’s just so tempting to get wrapped up in the Obama Party, so I had to reassure myself, and one reader, that it isn’t all change and happiness. I also apologize that I haven’t given any reasons to vote for John McCain, as I’m having a hard time liking him myself.

Ok, I've got that off of my chest. Everyone can disagree with and hate me.


dallin said...

If we are gonna have a black president I think it should be Tracy Morgan. I would make a more politically charged statement, but I'm afraid the government will get a hold of it and send me to the Château d'If for 11 years or something.

Pat said...

Whoa wait. Did Jenny Pate just say that Apple is the sweetest company on earth? I knew we were friends for a reason.

Clearly you have more than one reader if you have more than one comment on each post...

good post though.

medicus said...

I don't really care for either candidate either. But out of the two candidates, I am leaning toward Obama. I'm not a huge fan of his economic policies either, but I definitely don't like McCain's. McCain said that he wants to make Bush's tax cuts permanent in 2010. He said if he were President, there'd be "no new taxes." That raises a red flag in my mind. Look at what happened to George Bush Sr. during his presidency. His plan completely backfired. I think we definitely need to be careful about imposing greater taxes, but I don't think we can depend on the "trickle-down effect" to start solving some major problems that exist for poorer workers and the elderly.

Jon said...

I'm curious then, what do you propose we do about the economy? And if not trickle-down, then what?

medicus said...

There's not much of a pleasant alternative. Raise taxes. I think the graduated income tax is about the fairest way to go about it. The government needs to allocate money to programs such as affordable public insurance, medicare, and mortgage fraud to aid poorer workers. I think this will help curb coporate fraud and strengthen the lower to middle class workers.

jPate said...

I don't think that we need any 'new taxes.' I think the government just needs to focus on spending the money they are already receiving better--oh and next time we go to war, lets make sure we can afford it. There is pork barrel spending, and several social programs that could be eliminated, and the money sent elsewhere. All Americans, the government included, need to learn to get a budget and stick to it. Throwing more money at problems doesn't always make them go away.

Jon said...

I'm not exactly sure how raising taxes in general can help stimulate the economy, even if that leads to increased government spending. Also, the many government programs we currently have to "help the poor" aren't really run well. This, I'm going to guess, is simply because the government has no competition here. The workers have very secure jobs, and therefore have no incentive to innovate and actually come up with a decent solution.

I agree with Jenny. The solution doesn't lie in additional government resources, but simply in better management of those resources.