Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm still working on this week's post, but I wanted to say a couple things.

The first one is: GO COUGARS! As much as I love UCLA, and would go there if out of state tuition wasn't so ridiculous, it was refreshing to hear that we shut them out. We (and yes Dallin, I said we....check out his sports post if you are curious why I say that) even made the Yahoo! front page! I won't lie, I wasn't paying much attention to the game, but it still feels good. The victory is even sweeter since UCLA was so arrogant last year.

Another thing, there is this new eating establishment in the basement of Campus Plaza just south of campus, and it is pretty good. They sell those slushy drinks with the tapioca balls and huge straws. They're tasty! They also have 'oriental esque' food for cheap, even kimchee! You should check it out. I really like it, and don't want them to go out of business like everything else that rents that place, thats why I'm shamelessly advertising for them.

I think thats everything. Oh, I'm sick of homework, but differential equations are fascinating!


dallin said...

thanks for mentioning my blog in your blog. any publicity is good publicity, right?

A-Dawg said...

diff-eq made me cry.