Saturday, September 6, 2008

WARNING: Shallow Post

I have a confession. I sometimes watch trashy TV. Don’t worry, I’m not talking Jerry Springer or anything like that, I’m talking teen drama shows. I usually give in and watch when I have several other pressing obligations that are much more important than finding out who is sleeping with whom, but I can’t resist. It is so nice to turn off your brain and just veg off of someone else’s fake made up life (yes, that was redundant).

So today, instead of finishing my Differential Equations and Dynamics homework, I went to (I really wish I’d never heard of this website—it has everything) and watched the newest episodes of Gossip Girl and 90210. These shows are EXACTLY the same, they are just staged on opposite sides of the United States.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they are so similar. All teen drama shows are the same. If you are planning on creating one, just make sure it goes something like this: The new kid moves in and shakes everything up. Usually the new kid comes from a lower class home, but is incredibly attractive. The popular girl gets mad and creates more drama. The new kid struggles with his or her old values and the new lifestyle. Since it is a TV show, the plot (or lack thereof) drags on and on until someone gets pregnant or killed (or every character has hooked up with every other character in the cast, girl-girl relationships included). Every actor is ridiculously good looking in his or her own way. The tastier the eye candy, the higher viewer ratings (even if the script writer is a robot). This is also a popular idea for teen movies.
I’m going to start a list: Gossip Girl, 90210, The O.C., Mean Girls, She’s all That, John Tucker Must Die, Ugly Betty (which isn’t so much ‘teen’ but is definitely over the top drama), One Tree Hill, High School Musical, Lizze Mcquire (sort of)….Ok, that is all I can think of, I kind of thought there would be more. Still, it’s disgusting, and the plots are really regurgitated. I’m making a new commitment to watch classier television instead, such as The Office and Arrested Development. I guess I could just stop watching TV altogether, but I can’t quit cold turkey.

Oh, and for the record, I really was planning on commenting on the GOP veep pick, but I’ll wait to express my thoughts on Ms. Palin for another day. I'm not feeling like deep commentary today, probably because I just watched bimbos for an hour or two.


Pat said...

Who knew The Office and Arrested Development were "classier television"? Most of the time I do agree though.

And to think that Jenny would rather watch TV shows (and blog) than do homework. The world must be changing... :-P

Tyler said...

Someone's fan base appears to be growing...