Thursday, November 6, 2008

I, unlike the economy, am still alive.

You know, it’s funny, this blog address is, and it’s been a month or two since my last post. I’ll let you decide the implications of that.

Speaking of no personality, right now I’m studying in the Crabtree building with a more-than-life-size Kung Fu Panda action figure reading over my shoulder. Someone from BYU helped out a lot with that movie apparently. Props to him, but I kind of wish they would get this panda out of here, it’s huge. (Note: I love the movie Kung Fu Panda, almost as much as Wall-E)

Speaking of overbearing characters, welcome to Obamanation. Many of you know I am not a fan of the man, but it is exciting to see the world cheer for the United States. It seems like everybody hates America these days (including Americans). Why is it so tempting to gloat in a success’s failure?

Speaking of failure, how ‘bout that economy? I’m still appalled at the $700 billion bailout measure. It seems blatantly socialist. However, I guess to have faith in ‘the market’ and all that stuff, you have to keep it alive. It’s debatable as to how we would survive the credit crisis without it. Unfortunately, as I read through excerpts of it, it seems as if there is unnecessary money going places to help incumbents keep positions, these initiatives seem to be legislation parasites.

Speaking of parasites, hmm….I’ve got nothing for that one.

I hope you are all aware that Dell Schanze, the ANNOYING computer geek actually received a few votes to be Utah’s governor this week. I wasn’t expecting him to get more than a couple, but he made it into the thousands! I was crushed when I found out he was running as a libertarian, I have been thinking I’m a libertarian, but I cannot be in the same party as that man.

This blog is bland like eggplant, so I’m going to stop writing. I just had to get a couple thoughts out there.

P.S. A couple notes about my personal life,: one of my sister’s had a baby this morning, another sister is getting married, and I’m almost 21!!!

P.P.S. If you need a theme for a party, I would strongly recommend ‘white trash.’ It is sure to make the evening incredible, and I would also recommend inviting me because I make an excellent knocked up trashy blonde. (Thanks to the Bates for hosting an event that allowed me to discover this).


dallin said...

heres a politcal/ethical question for your blog: why does america see it fit to outlaw gay marriage, but not gayness altogether? are we okay with the fact that they sleep together, as long as they are not commited to it? ive never had eggplant, but ive heard its not bad.

The McKinleys said...

jenny jenny. i LOVE reading your blog. hahaha you keep me so informed. ps. when do i get to see you next?!? and which sister had the baby?? BETSY???

Nayr Nilbmah said...

Blog Blog Blooooog! Long time no dance!

Britton said...

I read one more when I got home... and this was awesome.

That is all.