Monday, February 9, 2009

I still exist.

So, I'm not the most active blogger in the world. No surprise. BUT I have been brewing up a few ideas, despite what you few readers think, I do constantly have my blog in the back of my mind, hopefully I can write something decent in the upcoming weeks.

As for right now, I'll procrastinate my Manufacturing homework a little bit longer and jot down a few things.

This $800 billion stimulus thing is crazy. Couldn't it at least be cut in half? I know that there are lots of people out there losing jobs, and the economy is hurting every industry, but couldn't we just tighten our belts and live a little more frugally? I really don't think that its time to build a new visitor center a Mount Timp, or build quaint 36 hole mini golf courses. I do agree with the billions being spent on college education though.

I like my major today.

I went to San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Oh my, I LOVE THAT CITY!! Maybe I'll set my sights on Berkley Law School, I hear their patent law program is decent. The only problem with that situation is I'd get kicked out for a low GPA, because I doubt I could be a responsible person while living there, its too much fun.

I'm reading a few books right now, one of which is The World is Flat. Pretty sure reading that makes me really wonder if I'm going to have a job when I grow up, it's pretty terrifying. However, it has also solidified my disliking of the Walmart Corporation and love of Costco. I'd recommend it as a good non-fiction read.

Last thing, I have this friend, Brittany Olsen, and I sure wish she would move back to Provo. Cedar City doesn't deserve her.

Have a good night folks. Enjoy the second week of February (V-day included).


medicus said...

Jenny, I'm so happy that you are blogging again. I'm looking forward to reading an angry post on the progress of the new stimulus package :)

Brittany Olsen said...

dear Jenny,
You're great! I miss you!!! pencil in a frozen yogurt date with me in one week from today : )

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Can we go back to San Francisco?

please? (I'll even promise to not talk about myself and awesome abilities once)