Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have an addiction.

Don't worry--I haven't taken up smoking.

Unfortunately, however, I've developed a disgusting, time consuming habit that is taking over my life. It makes me sick, and I wish the Ad Council would start creating TV spots to target people like me and get me out of this sorry state. Maybe someday.

My problem is messages. Text messages, e-mails, wall posts, blog comments, you know...things of this nature. It isn't that I send them frequently and bother my family and friends constantly with useless drivel. I'm too lazy to do that. I am instead CONSTANTLY checking to see if anyone has decided to text/email me. Keep in mind that I really am not a very popular person, and I'm definitely not important enough to receive riveting emails--so it is totally illogical for me to waste time pulling out my phone, or logging into my three (yes, count 'em, 1,2,3) e-mail accounts to see if any human being (or computer) has sent me anything interesting.

I haven't always been this way. I used to leave my phone at home all the time. Sure, it might have been inconvenient, but it really was NBD. But now, if I leave my phone at home I'm a wreck! I have nothing to do before class, during class, or after class. At work I'm restless because I don't have anything to mess with. My butt feels naked without my phone shoved in my back pocket. It's RIDICULOUS!! The same goes for e-mail. I remember a time when I could go 2 or 3 days without logging into anything, and my quality of life was in no way compromised. Now, it's like if I'm away from a computer for more than 2 hours I start getting the shakes. What is the deal!!

Anyway, I'm hoping that this confession is my first step in overcoming this burden. Soon I'm hoping that I can stay away from a computer for more than 8 hours, and leave my phone in my backpack for a full class period, maybe even two.

If I had a patch, I think this would be much easier....


Brittany and Josh said...

Don't worry Jenny, I'm the same way! I guess by commenting I'm feeding your addiction...if you figure out any cures pass them my way because it's getting ridiculous!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Agreed Jenny. In london I had no phone and it was great. Never was I stressed if I left my phone for more than 2 hours. Never did I have to deal with the disappointment of not receiving any texts after not having checked it for an hour. I'm an addict too. Perhaps we can start a support group together.

Joran said...

I'll comment, just for you. Your blog is awesome!

Roxy said...

It's not so bad... Sadly, I am probably worse. My marriage is pretty much through the computer at the moment... He IMs my phone to tell me to get on the computer! Haha. I have to have my phone, otherwise I miss him and I am sad. Only for about 6 more weeks though and he's done with this deployment! :D I'm ecstatic.