Monday, April 13, 2009

I've upgraded to 4 wheels.

Today I made a big step in my journey to adulthood: I purchased my very own car. I went through all the paperwork myself, my parents didn't even know I was buying it until they saw it parked in front of the house. It felt good to finally make a decision, as I am really bad at those.

So, I just wanted to take the time to introduce ___________ (name is yet to be decided), my recently acquired 2004 Hyundai Accent:

Charcoal gray--my favorite car color.

It's a 2 door coupe with a hatchback, love it!

Manual Transmission: One of my MUST BEs when looking for a car.

FINALLY: A car with a CD Player (and an iPod cable), woot!

It has its fair share of scrapes and dings, and the seats are INCREDIBLY ugly (I don't know why they made a 2004 with 80's style seats--maybe the Koreans are behind a few years), but for some reason I love all its flaws (well except for a few of them). It has very few miles, it was in my price range, and it's got a personality i appreciate (though not as much the beetle :( may it RIP).

Anyway, I apologize for yet another journal-esque post but I just had to celebrate FINALLY making a decision and finding something I will enjoy driving 22 hours to Houston, TX and back. It has been a long arduous process, especially since I don't particularly want a car (the scoot scoot works just fine) but I pretty much have to have one to go anywhere this summer--so I had to find something. However, I think this car and I are going to become very good friends, and will have fun growing up together.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

let's take it on a road trip!!

(I can sleep well in cars)

Rebecca Ann Groesbeck said...

wow. i wish i was a real person making real life purchases. i'm still rocking the expedition, eddie bauer style. that thing is pure sex compared to mine.

dallin said...

name it dallin.

Brittany Olsen said...

Yeah!! Congratulations! I love it Jenny! Can't wait to ride in it : )