Friday, May 22, 2009

By the Numbers

Hhhaaay. I’m in Texas, in case you haven’t heard. I’ve been through two weeks of work, two happy hours, four free lunches, and 89830 meetings. Just kidding about the meetings, but seriously, people schedule meetings like they are on crack here at ExxonMobil.

Before I write any posts about Houston, or corporate America, or public transportation, I wanted to complain a little bit more about the super long drive down. Please observe the following:

5: Motorcycle gangs I saw

3: Bags of Corn Chips I ate (all ranch flavored)

1: Hotel rooms I stayed in by myself

7: Trees in ALL of west Texas

400: Pages of a book I listened to on tape

357: Semi trucks traveling the same direction as me

2: Cups of soda (lemonade & Sprite)

1793: Miles I drove alone

3: Hours I sat in traffic (cumulative between El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston)

3: Pancakes I ate at IHop sitting at a table by myself

34923804293: Bugs on my windshield. West Texas has some BIG ONES-even in the middle of the day!!!

1: Time by battery died

3: Times I left the headlights on and almost killed my battery again

1: Dead bird I saw smashed on the grill of a truck

7000: Population of Fort Stockton (where I stayed the night)

315,000: White Lines on the freeway (that’s a calculation, not a count)

80: Speed limit all the way through West Texas. Glorious.

26: Hours on the road

1: Piece. Harrison and I made it the whole way!

Overall it was a good experience. It definitely left me a lot of time to think about life and the cosmos. Oh, one more thing-being the genius that I am, I lost my keys my first night in Houston. My mom had to express mail me the set I had at home. Thanks mom!

My roommate and her fiancé are two of the greatest people in Texas, I really lucked out, and lots of folks at work are fun and outgoing, and there are some awesome people at church, so it’s looking like I’m going to have a good time. I’ll keep you posted though-once it gets hot I may be one grumpy bloggger.

Miss you all!!


Michelle said...

Jenny, if you don't call me soon, so help me...!

Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

You forgot something!!!

1: new bestfriend... *precious!* (I'm retarded... Ha!)

Brittany Olsen said...

so if those stats were put up there to make me feel guilty it sure worked! jk but really I'm still sorry that I couldn't drive down with you but I just have to say that we are NOT listening to books on tape when I come down to drive back up with you. We're going to rock our black girl swagger and learn a whole bunch of freakin rap : )
oh and ps. I MISS YOU!!! Love you Mucho!