Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Summer Begins...

I'm officially on my way!

Right now I'm in Phoenix visiting my sister, tomorrow I'll continue on my journey to hot & humid Houston (I think from now on I'll just refer to it as hhH).

The drive has been pretty good so far, I've almost listened to a whole John Grisham novel (A Painted House). My butt hurts and I REEEEAAALLY wish Harrison (my car) had cruise control, but I'm surviving.

I talked to David today. He's my project manager guy. He's from london, and seems pretty cool. He says I'm going to be working on gas and power logistics. Ummmm, ok. So far the only words I have to explain my job are: analyst and logistics. I'm probably going to look a little clueless when I show up to work on monday.
Cool things I found out when talking to David:
I get a security pass-WOOT!!
I'm working on the 35th floor of the UGLIEST building in the world (see above). David says the best thing about the building is when you are inside, you don't have to look at the outside, funny. I kinda feel like a little kid, but I'm just pumped about the 35th floor thing.
I get free lunch on my first day of work.....ALMOST makes up for the humidity.
Anyway, I'm going to go play with my adorable nephew, it sounds like he just woke up from his nap.
NOTE: This summer will probably be a lot more 'journal posting' as opposed to 'opinion posting' and 'making-fun posting' just because I've got to prove to a couple people that moving to hhH to work for the largest corporation in the world (Exxon Mobil) wasn't a bad decision.


Brittany Olsen said...

I'm glad you made it to Phoneix okay. good luck driving by the border tomorrow, please stay safe and also please stay swine flu free : )
ps. it may be an ugly building but you still get to say that you go to work in a sky scraper everyday. you're so cool. I love and miss you.

Michelle said...

What am I going to do without you in my life! Stalk your blog and cry myself to sleep I guess... Please post more about this work man. He sounds interesting. A Brit you say? Hmmm... Give Harrison my love. Miss you dearly, already.

Ardently said...

so glad i came across your blog. your testing center woes made me laugh laugh laugh.

you're just too cool.

Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

hmm... hopefully you have some fun adventures while you're in Houston... There's got to be at least one or two people you'll become pretty good friends with while you're down there, right?