Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simple Pleasure

Two words: Supply Room.

I seriously underestimated how exciting office supplies can be. I mean, I’ve always loved shopping for school supplies, but I didn’t think that it would carry over to grown up life. The thing is, when you grow up it’s even better, because you go shopping for free!!! You just walk down the hall, and enter the room of endless possibilities. I can get sharpies of EVERY thickness and EVERY color. None of this black and blue ball point pen only, I basically have the whole STAPLES® pen/pencil aisle at my disposal. If you don’t see what you want, Kathy (the file room assistant) will let you order from the STAPLES® catalog. She ordered me a entire set of my favorite pens (OptiFlow). When they arrive she is going to deliver them to my desk. Fantastic. I love Kathy.

There are, of course, other supplies besides pens and pencils. Hi-lighters, notebooks of every shape and size (even the sexy eco-friendly ones), file folders of varying sizes and colors, paperclips of all varieties, post-it note bricks and cubes, presentation folders, engineering graph paper (unfortunately, not the legit kind, just the printed graph paper kind, but still…), tissue boxes, and lots of other stuff. It’s great. Recruiters should definitely place the ‘office supply room’ next to the the ‘health and dental benefits’ slide in the presentations they give at recruiting fairs. I’d base a job decision on stuff like this.

I’m off to a meeting, today my notes are going to be in pink and blue ultra fine point Sharpie®.


Michelle said...

I love this. Haha! And I completely relate to having a slight obsession with office/school supplies. Lovely pens, paperclips, and post-it notes... mmmmmm.

Britton said...

I'm glad you wrote this while working. And in a big, open room, nonetheless. Stick it to the man.

The word verification code for this comment was barfiden. Sounds like a city in Switzerland.

Sarah Orme said...

steal some for me...please

the word verification i had to type in was crials which is almost like cry and trials put together, so basically it's a trial to have you gone and i'm crying...crial.

The McKinleys said...

oh jenny you crack me up! i know what you mean about the obsession with office supplies...they are basically the best. i swear when we were little we'd compare all of our new goodies right before school started :) good times. i miss you, and you need to respond to my texts!! haha. glad you having fun out there.