Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I just threw up in my mouth, thanks to this article:

I promise, I don't just post links on my blog all the time, this week is just an anomoly, but I just don't understand this hyper-mania. I really think it's unhealthy. You can enjoy whatever books or movies you like, but honestly, there is a line somewhere. Unfortunately, tweens and adults alike seem to be crossing it more and more every day (and the media LOVES it).
Maybe, someday, I will write a blog speculating why Twilight has such an obsessive fan base. Until then, I'll just sit back, bewildered.


Tyler said...

Cute vegetarian vampires from the Pacific Northwest! Who couldn't love books with passages such as this one: "He lay perfectly still in the grass, his shirt open over his sculpted, incandescent chest, his scintillating arms bare. His glistening, pale lavender lids were shut, though of course he didn't sleep."

dallin said...

I like your tone in this blog, its very belittling. vampires can be cool though...especially if they are from washington...ha.

Brittany Mangelson said...

I don't think I'll ever understand Twilight. I read the first book and didn't have a fiber in my body that wanted to pick up the second book, let alone the others or see the movie.