Thursday, August 13, 2009


7 is my favorite number.

When I was younger my favorite number was always my age. When I was 5, my favorite number was 5, when I was 6 years old it was 6, etc. However, when I turned 8, I didn't want my new favorite number to be 8, I really liked 7, so I stuck with it. My decision was challenged for a while as I learned that 7 is the most popular favorite/lucky number choice, but I just couldn't change.

The number 7 applies in my life in several different ways. I'm the 7th kid in my family, I have 7 siblings, I am 5'7", college is taking me 7 years (jk-it feels like that though), I grew up on 700 South, and......

I only have 7 more days of work.


For any readers asking I will be home (kellee--love her, even though I missed her half birthday), I will be pulling into Provo on August 25 after driving 1700 miles. I can't wait!

I'm a little bit homesick. This is the longest I've gone without seeing a member of my family, I'm such a baby.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

haha yes jenny returns!! It's okay you missed my half birthday- because you were around for the real deal which is what is most important. i heard whisperings of another crepe party. please tell me this is true.

Michelle said...

Jenny! I can´t wait for you to be home... and I´m homesick too and I´ve only been in Peru for just under two weeks. I´m the baby. See you soon!

Annie said... be going home. even the thought is so sweet.
i wanted to tell you that i was really impressed by your give-credit-where-credit-is-due post about wal mart, and not just about the good news. though we never really discussed it, i remember you telling me about your relationship with mal mart in hs. i didn't then and still don't know enough about it, but i was just impressed by your honesty in the post. i hope that i can be as honest as you and recognize when something/somebody is doing something right even if i've always disapproved of it/them.
and there is my paragraph of a comment for you.
since i'm afraid we really wouldn't see each other for a significant amount of time any other way, i'm getting excited for 2011.
enjoy home!

Sarah Orme said...

ok, well i feel the need to also say i'm excited for 2011. even if the reunion is just us three. jp-i miss you and want you home. STAT