Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another First

I uploaded my first real YouTube video today.

I don't normally make videos of fluid mechanics for fun, but I needed extra credit, and this is actually pretty cool. Feel free to watch it if you want.

A few side notes:

School is hard.
Jessie is having a baby REALLY soon, and that is crazy.
I can't wait for Where the Wild Things Are to come out.
I love my computer, love it.

That's all.


The McKinleys said...

question: what exactly is that a movie of??? haha i'm guessing it has something to do with fluid mechanics...wanna explain what that is? :) i really like the song though. good ole' regina.

and yes, i am having a baby REALLY soon. you're going to be an aunt soon soon soon. yay!

Jon said...

I would have to second that question. What, exactly, is that?

And oooh, you're taking fluids? Sucks for you.......

Jenny Pate said...

It's shampoo (Vo5 to be exact), and those little leap stream things are what is called the Kaye effect. I think I'm supposed to know why it does that, but I forgot.

Brittany Mangelson said...

Lovely. I was entertained probably more than I should have been. I love love LOVE the new Regina CD and apparently watching shampoo fall. haha.