Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fave's

This is a new Life Beyond the Math Lab blog feature. Every Friday, k maybe not every week, and maybe not even on Fridays, I will post my favorite events, music, quotes, or whatever from the past week. It is impossible to pay attention in class on Fridays so it seems like a good idea.

Music: Arcade Fire. You may recognize some of their tunes from the Where the Wild Things Are preview, they've been an iPod favorite for a while now. Again, I'm so incredibly excited for that movie. My 6-year-old nephew already agreed to be my date.

Person: The cashier at the Twilight Zone. One day, I was in some major pain, so I stopped by the Twilight Zone (a mini convenience store inside BYU bookstore) to pick up some Advil. The line was long, so while standing in line I opened the box, unscrewed the lid, punched my thumb through the freshness seal, dumped out a handful of pills, swallowed four, and placed the leftover pills back in the bottle (even though I was SOOO tempted to take four more). I got to the register and handed the cashier the Advil box. She scanned the box and asked, "How are you doing today?" I replied with the standard "I'm doing well, thanks." She looked at the box in her hand, the bottle in my hand, and my pale face, and then asked in a sarcastic, yet sympathetic tone, "Really??" We both laughed.

Class: By process of elimination, Math 290. This is because I can actually do the homework for this class without talking with TA's, stalking the professor, and working in groups of smart boys.

Restaurant: Pasterero. Six mini pork-pinapple tacos and the best horchata in the valley. It's pretty cheap too. I recommend it, and seriously, pay 1.99 for the Horchata, it's A-MA-ZING.

Happy weekend dear readers! I hope you get a chance to enjoy your own favorites (and if you don't have any you can borrow some of mine).

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Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

I'll help you out on next week's post:

Person: Jeff, because he came all the way from Houston to visit me and take me to a BYU football game.

Music: Jeff singing the BYU fight song like he was straining for children in Afghanistan to understand his school pride.

Moment: Jeff inevitably splitting his pants by doing something stupid like rushing onto the field during a kick-off or trying to drop it like it's hot in the middle of the stands. Something awkward.