Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just call me Ron Weasley.

I almost cried in class today.

(Dallin, don't make fun of me. Actually, just stop reading this.)

I am in a Numerical Methods class, which is basically a crash programming course. At first I sort of enjoyed it; HTML is fun and easy, and even the beginning C++ assignments were enjoyable (in a twisted way). Unfortunately, today, I couldn't figure out how to write an assigned program to save my life. I had the EXACT SAME CODE as other people, but I couldn't get my program (written in Xcode) to read in the file. I scrolled through what seemed like miles of C++ online reference guides and Xcode forums, but nothing was leading me to a solution.

My eyes started to burn. I could say it was from staring at a computer screen for too long, but I am really just a baby and express frustration and stress through tears. In a fit I gave up and left lab before I started really crying in front of my classmates. I have to figure it out sometime before next week, so if anyone has any pointers, let me know.

Later I came home and vented to my dear mother about how crappy lab was today. After listening to my sad tale she replied, "Programming seems like Potions."

BRILLIANT!!! Programming is JUST LIKE POTIONS CLASS!! You could do the exact same thing as the person next to you, but get an entirely different (often dysfunctional) result. This is because the SMALLEST LITTLE ERROR, like not cutting up your root right, mixing up the execution order, or using an old cauldron, can screw up your mixture. Forget a semicolon, define a variable incorrectly, or leave of a curly bracket and you are just left with a pile of gibberish that won't compile. And it TOTALLY sucks if you are sitting next to freaking Hermione Granger and her potion/program works on the very first try and she waltzes out of class with an accurate lab report. And I, being the not-so-bright Ron Weasley, just stare dumbfounded as my cauldron melts into a sopping, acidic mess.

The only thing is, when Ron Weasley's potions don't work out, he can go do magic. All I can do is write a pathetic blog post. I hate being a muggle.

And seriously, if anyone has any experience with reading data from files into the newest version of Xcode, PLEASE HELP ME!


Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

You sound like me and my hatred for all things programming. I hate getting stumped like that. Perhaps I can find someone to help you out while I'm in town - if not I'll give you email addresses of people to spam. ;-)

The McKinleys said...

what a clever little post! :) i thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. i'm sorry your class is so lame though...i would totally help, but you and i both know what little good that would do you!

love you girl!