Friday, October 2, 2009

First Friday Fave's

It seems like I was just writing last week’s list. My life is flying by so quickly. I think this will become just a first Friday of the month thing, favorites aren’t favorites if it includes everything.

Person: Maxwell Scott McKinley—The newest addition to the McKinley family makes me just a little bit baby hungry. How could he not? Props to Jessie & Danny for making it through delivery day, unfortunately, I think life just starts getting harder. Good thing babies are so cute!

Class: Technical Writing—My teacher looks like MacGyver. Class is cancelled every other week. Quizzes are open book, open neighbor, open teacher. The kid that sits in the front row has a story for EVERYTHING, and the teacher just lets him ramble for 20 minutes at a time. Class starts ten minutes late and gets out 10 minutes early. There are no equations involved. Ever.

Tunes: Ingrid Michaelson, You and I—Love her, love this song.

Location: Deer Creek—some BFF’s and I have found this magic cove-esqe area on Deer Creek Reservoir. It is so amazing there. I want it to stay warm forever so I can swim every Saturday.

Have a good weekend. I just got my Fluid Mechanics test back (i'm in class right now), so I'm going to go cry.


The McKinleys said...

YAY! max made the friday fave list! he is honored. haha. and it's does start getting harder, but every time i see him, i remember why i'm doing this whole mom thing! love you girl!

Brittany Mangelson said...

I love You and I! "Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance." Yep, love it. It's also breaking my heart that little Max has been around for a week and I still have not met him. I need to fix that.