Saturday, October 17, 2009

Premium Podcast

And this is why I love This American Life.

The link is to last weeks podcast, which was one of two broadcasts discussing the healthcare system. The discussion gives a clear representation of what is going wrong in all sectors of the healthcare system--in an interesting, informative, and entertaining way. Despite the depressing state of the situation, the conversation does highlight what is starting to go right--and that is encouraging. I, for one, am scared (and a little bit clueless) about the healthcare situation, and love to read/watch/listen to anything that contributes to the ongoing discussion (as opposed to just hating on political parties/presidents-past or present).

I recommend listening, and setting up your iTunes to download it weekly.

Thanks Mandi Winterton for recommending the program to me a few months back.

Speaking of Mandi, funny story: One time in Texas, I was sitting by the pool (avoiding the stares of creepy neurosurgeon man) and I decided that my brother Joe should go out with Mandi. So I drafted a well written text message, suggesting that he talk to her. He doesn't like being directly set up (who does?) so I really thought about the message for a long time. After reading, and re-reading, editing, and re-reading, I sent the message. I went back to The World is Flat and waited for a response. When I heard the "WALL-E" noise I checked my phone with anticipation-and this is what I saw:

From: Mandi Winterton
"Wait, what? Jenny I'm confused."

Oh dang it. I hate when I do that.

Anyway, it turns out it was a good thing I sent it to Mandi first, because her life was going well and she didn't need Joe to interrupt things. It was still pretty funny. I laughed out loud, for a while actually (which invited more stares from neurosurgeon).

Ah, good story. Love you Mandi.

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mandi winterton said...

One of the things I love shout-outs. Nothing brightens a day more than knowing that a friend was thinking of you while thousands of miles away enjoying Friedman, and has survived to blog about it.

Second thing I love...This American Life. I am a few weeks behind in my listening but upon your suggestion I will be sure to catch up. Do you listen to Wait, Wait don't tell me. I think its right up your alley.