Monday, October 12, 2009

Across the Rockies

I went to Denver this weekend for some school stuff.

We stayed at the Curtis hotel downtown. The clock in my room (that I had all to myself) was a yellow Volkswagen beetle. Every floor had a different theme. A piece of artwork mounted outside my room was a monstrous cutout of the standard Groucho Marx glasses, nose, and mustache. The elevator had something to say at every floor it stopped on. Feel free to peruse their website if you want to explore this curiosity of a hotel. It was pretty funky.

This trip to Denver involved a flight (on one of the smallest airplanes I've ever been on), so of course, I spent the majority of the 70 minutes sipping my cranberry juice with sprite and browsing through my favorite publication: Sky Mall.

The product blurbs are cheesy, the photos are cheesier, and the majority of the products are frivolous, superfluous, and ridiculous. But still, the catalog has this eerie ability to make you think you need things you never knew existed.

A few of my needs:

A composter/compost-maker for the garden that I don't have. Someday.

A 7' by 7' crossword puzzle. I've actually been eyeing this one since I flew to Florida in the 9th grade.

A table top photo studio. I really don't sell anything on eBay/Craigslist. But this one time I needed to take video of a project I did for one of my classes, and I had to make an environment cube to make the video footage look better. A photo studio (with lights) would have solved all my problems.

The brilliant brownie corner pan: Every brownie is an edge brownie. One of the best ideas in the past 100 years (no, not the internet, not cell phones, a brownie corner pan). Genius.

A projector phone. I'm still not quite sure how this one works. I don't really know if it is an actual phone with a little projector function, or if it is just a projector the size of a phone. Either way, it would be pretty sweet to be in a conversation with someone, and just throw up a video clip or photo on the wall to enhance the conversation.

Anyway, beyond Sky Mall and the hotel, the trip was kind of a drag. It snowed the entire time, and both hour long cab drives reeked of carpet cleaner. Yay for business trips.

Oh! I almost forgot, on the flight home, we drove right over Provo, and I PROMISE (not making this up) I found my house! Provo looks great from above. The mountains are SOOOOOO beautiful, especially up in the air. Ah! Such an amazing sight. I want to live by them forever.


The McKinleys said...

1. every time i fly i order cranberry juice with sprite...and think of you.

2. my friends have that brownie pan! it is the best thing ever.

3. you should come visit. max has forgotten what his auntie jenny looks like.

4. love you!

Anonymous said...

who likes corner brownies?? Everyone knows the middle is the best. And you didn't see your house :)