Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Friday Fave's--November

K, so, it isn't really Friday--but BYU thinks it is. I think it is really silly when BYU tries to peg Tuesdays as Fridays. If you eat, sleep, and work on campus, this works out fine, because campus is your world. However, if you have a job outside of BYU, Tuesday isn't actually Friday, and you can't make it to class, or work, or whatever. It's a pain. (Clarification: I actually work on campus, so this adjusted schedule is no problem for me--but I have 1 class on Tuesday and 4 on Friday--so I'm bothered).

K, so, it isn't really the first week of November--but it's my first blog post of the month. So, we'll pretend that 'First Friday Faves' is just referring to the first Friday I get around to writing about my favorites.

K, so, I think I've cleared up my misleading title--let's start.

Tunes: Priscilla Ahn, Dream. My darling friend, and fellow lady mechanical engineering student would play this song on her guitar as we sat and thought about life. I love her. The people in Nicaragua are pretty lucky to have her. i hope they know that.

Person: Corban James Billings--The other day I came home from a lovely day of research paper writing, and my nephew was at my house (always a delight). He informed me that he had left me something in my room. Taped to my wall was a drawing (splashes of red, green, blue and orange) and a note, "Jenny-Red frogs are poison. Love Corban. I love wou." I thought maybe he had just drawn it at the house, and decided to give it to me, but Mom told me he had brought it to the house especially for me. He's 6. Little people are the best.

Class: Fluid Mechanics--Ask me if I have gotten above a 70 on an exam in that class. Ask me. Ahhh....no. Ask me if I can do any of the homework by myself. Ahhh.....no to that one too. Dang it. However, this week my teacher called me surly. I don't know what that means (I do know he used it incorrectly), but I think he was trying to joke around with me, and be sarcastic (professors can try, right?), and I give Dr. Maynes props for that. Also, we had an exam today, Tuesday slash Friday, and it was 90 minutes instead of the usual 50. This means I actually had time to answer all the questions, so that was pretty neat.

Holiday: Thanksgiving--Seriously. I think it is my favorite of all of them. It is the least commercialized major holiday, my sister Abby makes a mean green bean casserole (I'm sorry, I had to use the rhyme), it qualifies for 3 whole days off in the middle of the semester, the main event of the day is eating, there are no awkward gifts and no expectations, you just get to hang out with your family all day, there are more pies than guests, and did I mention there are no expectations. Recipe for a perfect (my favorite) holiday. Plus, I just think the idea of celebrating the harvest and coming together to be happy and grateful is a beautiful thought.

I really hope that you all enjoy your holiday.

K, I have to be a little cheesy: I have been thinking lately how lucky I am to have so many people that have come before me that have worked hard and make sacrifices to create the environment I was able to grow up in. Specifically, my father's parents come to mind. Grandma, Thanksgiving just isn't the same without avoiding your green jello with mayo and carrots, and Grandpa, Grandma just wasn't the same without you. Hope you two enjoy your holiday together.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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