Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I got accepted to the Vienna Study Abroad this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is my cheesy personal statement. The only part worth reading is bolded.

As a girl in mechanical engineering I believe I bring a different perspective to the typically male dominated field. While I enjoy the technical, I also love developing and maintaining a humanistic view of engineering and product development. This is why I chose to apply to a study abroad program outside of the Fulton School of Technology. I believe that traveling to Vienna, learning German, and working on my travel writing and photography skills will give me a unique exposure to the human and artistic side of the world we live and work in. As I move toward a career in engineering, I know that this perspective will be needed in industry. In today’s global marketplace engineers that understand the technical but can effectively communicate and relate with others are becoming increasingly valuable. Also, having taken three years of German in high school I have always wanted to continue my study of the language. An intense course load has prohibited me from taking a 4-credit language class in the past, but this summer allows me the time to do so. While I am no longer officially in the honors program, I know that this experience will enhance my academic pursuits.

Conversely, my background as an engineering student will make me a valuable participant in this study abroad program. My experience with intense technical coursework will give me a unique insight into industry, architecture, and culture in Vienna. Solving systems of differential equations to determine the stresses in bridge beams, and studying material properties of bricks tends to make sight seeing a different experience. This background will provide a different basis for my travel writings and photographs, as well as my contributions in classes and group discussions. I also know that my outgoing personality can add to the camaraderie of the group. I enjoy making all members of a group feel comfortable with each other and excited to get to know one another. I am happy to embarrass myself if it helps someone else open up. I know that on a trip such as this, the sooner we have a group trust and openness, the more fulfilling our experience can be. We can learn and laugh together as we grow to love the city of Vienna and its beautiful history and culture.

No matter what a student's field is, an understanding of other cultures is important. Studying and appreciating the way that other countries see the world can only solidify your own understanding of your beliefs and values. I know that a summer experience in Vienna and the Alps will be beneficial to my career as an engineer, but also my development as a person. I also hope that my presence on this excursion can help others in their personal and professional growth.


The McKinleys said...

w.h.o.a. i had no idea you were thinking of doing that!! how AWESOME!!! {is it ok for me to be a teeny tiny bit jealous?? because i am.}

love you girl!!

Brittany Olsen said...

I'm so excited for you!! well and me, because don't worry I fully plan on being a stow away in your back pack : ) although i will not spend all the time with you because while you'll be out admiring bridges I'll be sneaking off to some hospital hoping to blend in as a worker and have some crazy experience saving someones life.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I'm so jealous and excited for you.. maybe i'll have to come visit. ;)