Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Accident #2

Two years ago today, I was driving East on 300 South, on my way home to meet up with some friends. At the intersection of University and 3rd a car turned left in front of me. I thought the car was cutting it pretty close, I slowed down a bit, but they cleared it alright. I was continuing through the now yellow light when another car turned left, right into me. Even as I rode my horn and slowed down, the driver just made eye contact with me and smashed into my cute car. Turns out the kid was 15 years old, had taken his parents car without their permission, and hadn't even started drivers ed. I was very shaken up, and devastated as I looked at my darling Yellow Beetle and realized it would probably never drive again.

Today I was driving West on 300 South to go work on a few things for my job. The snow had started to melt, and Harrison was handling the roads just fine. Around 300 East I saw a deer crossing the road, surprised and nervous, I hit my brakes as he scampered in front of me. That is so weird I thought, why is a deer on this road.....WHA-BAM, all the sudden my left mirror was broken and my window shattered (but still intact, 'cause of that plastic stuff). Very confused I thought I had hit a boulder or something--if there are deers on 3rd South, why not giant boulders? As I looked in my rearview, however, I saw another deer stand up and scamper (somewhat deliriously) off the road. I guess the deer I missed had a friend. As I drove slowly away, concerned about my window, my door flew open. Quickly I pulled it shut, realizing that it wasn't going to stay shut without me holding it. I turned a corner and got out to inspect the damage. Lets just say, I am angry at the deer. Harrison took a beating. I don't understand how the deer killed my window, my door, and my quarter panel. Are deer really that big? Anyway, I was fine for a while, but then as I drove home wondering how I was going to pay to fix this, and began thinking of all the things I could have done differently not to get in that accident, the tears came. Also, the fact that I was holding my door shut with one hand, shifting with the other, and steering with my knee brought on the waterworks. By the time I got home to show Mother, I was a wreck.

I'm taking it into the shop tomorrow to see what they can do about it. I'll talk to my insurance tomorrow too, I really don't know how they handle deer stuff.

Point is, me, December 30th, and 300 South don't get along. Some other time I will tell you all of my other bad car luck stories. I have an arsenal, believe me.


The McKinleys said...

holy moly. what is it with us and deer??????

they are seriously out to get us both.

sorry about your car though. that's no bueno.


Tyler said...

That is so strange. What a weird story that would make me upset too. Hope you and Harrison are okay.