Sunday, December 13, 2009


Considering finals week starts tomorrow, and I have 6 finals to be preparing for, it seems like a premium time to blog. Also, it was my birthday yesterday, and I feel like I need to share my 22 years of wisdom with all of you, all 6 of you. [Photo courtesy of Cake Wrecks--LOVE that blog]

22 Things I’ve Learned:

1: Reality TV isn’t real.
2: First dates are bogus.
3: People matter.
4: Urbanization = Issues.
5: Mountains are therapeutic.
6: College won’t solve all my life problems, most likely graduate school won’t either. Dangit.
7: Musical Theatre is ten times better than Prozac.
8: I have a weird thing for young professors.
9: Wind Energy can be profitable.
10: Decisions should be made hastily, otherwise I won’t make them.
11: Blogging is less addicting than facebook, yet more satisfying.
12: Soda is terrible.
13: Euler was a pretty smart guy.
14: Mothers are legit.
15: Avocados, Creed from The Office, quiet time, David Sedaris, cynicism, and pomegranates are underrated.
16: The Federal Government needs some remodeling.
17: We should stop treating 18 year olds like adults, because no one knows anything when they are that age.
18: Excel is amazing.
19: WOW, Twilight, Top 40, David Letterman, and surfing are overrated.
20: No one can replace a pair of amazing BFFs.
21: My generation is going to have an internet and cell phone addiction issue as we move into the workforce.
22: The restored gospel is for reals.

Don’t I sound so wise? Yeah….I didn’t think so either. Seriously though, as much as I hate growing up into more and more responsibilities, life gets better as birthdays go by. I feel like the more life experience I have, the more I can appreciate this world. It is kind of like taking an Art History class. As you take the class you learn more and more about the sacrifice, pain, and meaning behind a few paintings, and you learn to appreciate all art through the process. As I grow up I get a little taste of difficulties, consequences, and happiness, and I am able to understand what other people are going through, and how amazing their successes, and even failures, are.

Bring it on, twenty-two.


Preston Dale Ferguson said...

Wow, and i thought that i was wise. You made me look like..uh. i dunno an 18 year old;)
Life is nothing more than growing circles. As a 5th grader i wanted to be an 8th grader, only to get there and realize that it wasn't what i was expecting. A freshman wanting to be a senior. An undergrad wanting to be a grad. a grad wanting a family. a parent wanting grandkids. There just circles. Always looking for whats next.
So im with you. Bring it on 22. Lets see what you got.

Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

I'm glad you're looking forward to it! You're one of my absolute favorites, Jenny, so make sure you remember how great you are during every step you take. :)

Also, you crack me up - I miss you

Sarah Orme said...

i forgot your birthday...and Deina is not here either! I hope you have a splendid birthday and i miss you terribly.

Tyler said...

Well blogged! I especially like number 11.

Brad Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny