Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Faves

Before I begin, a quick update: Harrison (my car) is all fixed!! As much as I love him, he really isn’t worth that much money, so I was surprised the insurance company footed the nearly $3000 bill to get him back into shape. I am very glad they did though, it’s nice to have him back. I hope the deer is happy.

K, recent favorites...

Tunes: John Adams by David McCullough. So it isn’t really a song, but I’m listening to the book on my iPod, so it seemed appropriate. Seriously, this guy was AMAZING. Dedicated, courageous, hard-working, religious, and a family man, I am in constant awe as I learn what an incredible role he played in America’s early development.

TV Show: The Biggest Loser. Every season I can’t peel my eyes away from this show. Like a bad car accident, it’s impossible not to stare in horror at 400 lb people try to make life changes. While it hasn’t yet, I’m sure this season will make me cry. The concept is inspiring in its grotesque-ness. Oh, and I like Jillian, even though she has VERY masculine tendencies.

Major: Mechanical Engineering. It has been one of those crazy days when I actually love my major. I feel like its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Do not be fooled, however, I’m sure my temperament will change tomorrow.

Movie: Sherlock Holmes. I saw this a week or two ago. LOVED IT. Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law make a hilarious duo, and a very good looking one too. Go see it.


Class: American Heritage. I enjoy history and economics, it’s just annoying to be in this class because there are a lot of little kids who are obviously still terrified at the thought of college, and a little over-anxious in their class preparation. My TA is a pretty funny, relaxed guy, but he wears the UGLIEST pants every week. He tries to dress classy with a white shirt, tie, and sweater every week, but seriously buddy, the pants kill it.

Natural Disaster: Earthquake in Haiti. I’ve watched more news this week than all of last year combined. Natural disasters are crazy, and so is the world we live in. I’m sitting in a warm room with a personal computer, and soon I’ll be heading home to my spacious, heated home with a full refrigerator, while people in Haiti are sleeping in the streets injured and terrified. Some things just don’t compute. Donate here.

Have a good weekend.

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