Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Hopes

I don't think I've ever enjoyed an Olympics quite like this one.

It all started last week when I watched the Men’s Figure Skating Short Program. Evan Lysecek skated to ‘The Firebird’ (a personal favorite) and put on quite show.

A couple days later he shocked everyone (including Vladimir Putin) by winning the gold medal, beating the leading skater Evgeni Plushenko.

Kyle, most likely annoyed, sat quietly by as I glued my eyes to the TV like a Pre-Teen to a Twilight movie. Watching Lysacek's victory fueled my developing crush. I continued to convince myself he wasn’t batting for the pink team like some of his flamboyant (yet talented) competitors.

That night I remarked that he was truly the ‘James Bond of the Ice.’ Thus I was amused to discover later that he had decided to celebrate his victory by purchasing a $300,000 Aston Martin. ( Amused, but disappointed—I’ll blog about that another day.)

I decided to get over his excessive spending and figure out how I could get this champion to date me. He was handling all of Plushenko’s negative comments about not doing a quadruple jump so well; I couldn’t help but continue to be enamored. I wasn’t SUPER serious about the dating thing but a friend at school went to high school with him, and I may or may have not asked him if he would set me up. Unfortunately, I found out the next day that he has a girlfriend already, and she is a lot more talented and awesome than I am. Dang gymnasts. They get everything.

And now what I consider to be the best part: Plushenko, on his website, recently decided to award himself the platinum medal. That’s right folks, “Silver of Salt Lake, Gold of Torino, Platinum of Vancouver.” Creating your own medal? Buddy, you did not skate as well as Lysacek did, and everyone knows it but you. Poor sport.

Anyway, turns out I don’t really want to date a figure skater (and not the McTwist McNasty snowboarder either). I’m happy to sit at the kitchen table and watch as we do homework. Cheering on American athletes and friendly global competition, that’s gold enough for me. Go World.

P.S. Evan…in case things don’t work out with Nastia…801-735…..Kidding.


Britton said...
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Britton said...

Watch this

Sara said...

hey you put kyle into your blog! he's going to be so psyched.

The Yellow Dart said...
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The Yellow Dart said...

if i was evan lysacek, would you be my nastia?