Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, it looks like I will be posting less frequently.

The reason is, I have to post DAILY to another blog, and by the time I get done with that, I'm pretty much blogged out.  When I do have extra motivation to type, I usually write a BYU post.

SO, if you want to see examples of how bad at photography I am, and how excited I am getting to go to Vienna, you can read through this.

Hope everyone is doing well.  And don't worry, just because I have less time to post here, doesn't mean I have less time to blog stalk you.  Seriously, I promise, I'm reading your blog.  Probably on a daily basis. 

And by you, I mean everyone.


The Yellow Dart said...
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Chelsey said...

Do you promise? I will admit, since I am confident in my own stalking that I went to your other blog as well. Being a bit obsessed with the current Bachelor craze (I like being predictable), I thought "JP + Vienna" meant Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor) + Vienna (horrid final choice of girl) and that you had created an entire blog to their "Love Story??" I wasn't judging, but I was a bit relieved to find that it was not. How's that for a long comment? Love your blog. There, I said it.