Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just had to share.  Kyle's Capstone team was recently featured on the KSL 10 o'clock news!!  Watch it here.

For their project the team built a prosthetic hand device for a woman that lost her fingers while fighting a life threatening infection called septicemia.  The device straps to her arm, and by moving her wrist she can lock the clamp closed around anything she needs.  Now she can do everyday things such as drink from cups and bottles with one hand, eat with utensils, and hold books.  The team was even able to make the prosthetic in a color of Jeane's choice: pink!

And, the day after the story aired on KSL, I was surprised to see this picture on the BYU homepage:

Kyle (on the right) worked really hard with his team this year, and Jeane seems really happy with what they created.  Woot woot for engineering!

Also, this week: Kyle is graduating from BYU (jealous), and I made it through another set of finals without ripping out my hair (well at least not all of it).

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