Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Flanagan

There is this Daily Universe Editor I have been complaining about all year.  And today, in the paper, he wrote this.

So, to take a break from writing my research paper I wrote a Letter to the Editor about him.  It turned out to be pretty biting, so I can't send it, but I can post it here.  (Please read his article before reading my response, it makes more sense that way).

Letter to the Editor

While I’m sure Spencer Flanagan is a sweet spirit, I must say I am relieved he will be leaving his position as the editor of the Daily Universe’s Arts & Entertainment section.  His farewell address confirmed my belief that he is more self-serving and promoting than proper journalism calls for (word search revealed is article said 'I' 31 times).  Flanagan’s writing style is so distinct that I could guess an article was written by him 4 times out of 5.  While writing style is important, I feel it is out of place in many of the articles he wrote.  Sure, bring in some personality when you put on your Mr. Valentine hat (P.S. You don’t know anything about women), but when you are reporting on Wal-Mart and H&M clothing waste, please—just report. 
Also, since when do Daily Universe Editors write such long and personal goodbye’s?  I was under the impression that Editors are supposed to promote their section, not themselves.  While I’m sure Spencer had a great time celebrating every holiday, playing football, and watching YouTube videos, I don’t understand why he decided to take up more space than the actual A&E article of the day to tell us that.    Perhaps your complaints of late nights and replying to nasty emails (like this one) would be better served among your other DU friends (who have worked just as hard as you).
I write this in the spirit of healthy argumentation, and hope Spencer’s self-esteem is robust (but since he feels so "proud of the things I have been able to accomplish and I walk away with no regrets," I’m not too worried).
Best of luck, Mr. Flanagan.

Jenny Pate

What do you think?  Is it too nasty?


David Vernon said...

please send this to him jenny. please. someone needs to deflate that ego.

Pi-man said...

Jenny, if you don't send that, I'm going to copy it, erase your name, and put mine in its place. :D


Stacey said...

I like it even better today. Send it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is too mean. Betsy

McKell + Garrett Hartle said...

Jenny, I love you!