Sunday, April 4, 2010


While I've always thought of April as a female month (January, March, July, September, October, November being the male ones),  it seems this year the real April has taken a leave of absence, and found a terrible male substitute.

 He caught my interest with thoughts of sunshine, memories of walking without a jacket, and glimpses of green.  I gave him my number, convinced he would call within 48 hours.  I waited.  He called.  He asked if we could have lunch, I covered the mouthpiece as I squealed in excitement, of course I would meet him for lunch.  I curled my hair, hiked up my hem-line, and slipped into my spring sandals.  I want things to be perfect with Mr. April, I want him to stay.

I waited outside the Cafe for him to arrive.  As I sat there, blue skies turned to gray, releasing rain and then snow.  My blonde curls went flat and mascara smeared.  I dealt with the wind chill on my legs convinced he would arrive shortly.  When I no longer could feel my toes I accepted defeat; I put on a coat, and went home to a heater.

He called later, apologizing that he had something come up.  I believed him, and invited him over.  He came.  We laughed and talked, like we'd been friends all along, I even let him kiss me.  Right as I was ready to change back into a skirt from my sweat pants, his phone buzzed. He glanced at it and left quickly, leaving me on the couch, wondering if he had really come over at all.

He's so much more enticing than my old boyfriend Mr. January, but at least January was consistent.  I always knew what to expect with him, maybe I should go back to him.  Or... Mr. April could just man up, and take on some responsibility.  Stable men are so hard to find these days.

In other words, I'm really sick of the snow.


Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

Come back to Houston - it's been in the 80's! (Which actually sucks when your a/c isn't working for the first couple days of the heat...)

The Yellow Dart said...

Are these MONTHS...or Chip'n'Dales CALENDAR MODELS you are referring to...? Mr. April, eh? I see what's going on here.....

Meghan Smith said...

Eric was once the Chip'n'Dale for the April 2006 calendar, he was so excited because he got his birthday month!

jenny, THIS is good writing.
P.s. i vote yes on sending the above article to the editor