Monday, April 26, 2010

Yahoo! News

I'm a big fan of the Yahoo! home page "news" stream.  However, sometimes the stories they post are just BEYOND obvious information, making me wonder how that stuff gets space on the internet (but i guess if my blog is allowed to take up internet space, anything should be).  For example, when they posted that Ricky Martin was gay.  Really?  That gets a whole story?  Is that even news for ANYONE?  Or when they wrote how much plastic surgery some Real Housewives of Atlanta woman had paid for.  Again, not news or even the slightest bit interesting.  And then there was today.  I went to check my e-mail and saw this:

Who is on the board that decides what gets posted?  The floppy disk 'era' ended ages ago.  I don't even think I have ever used one of those.  Oh wait, once, because my teacher didn't want a report on CD, he wanted it on a floppy (old geezer).  Anyway, I just found it amusing that someone found this to be an appropriate headline.

I leave to Vienna a week from today.  That's pretty exciting.  Recently I have started worrying about how INCREDIBLY broke I am going to be when I get back at the end of July.  So, if anyone has any ideas of where to work for one month (August), please, let me know.  But don't really, I don't want to think about life when I get back yet.  Save it for me.

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