Friday, October 1, 2010

Life of a Mrs.

If you think I am going to write about married life, I'm not.  I just couldn't think of anything for a title.

I've given myself 10 minutes to write a quick blog before I go back to studying for philosophy.

Let's talk about CAPSTONE.  Capstone is supposed to be a lovely little thing to help you get a job and apply all the concepts you have learned in the past three years (for some of us it is 4 years) and develop an awesome product to help the world.  It's 6 credits spread over 2 semesters, so it can't be that bad, right?  WRONG.  It takes over your life.  The real definition of capstone should be: hey how bout you spend every waking minute trying to talk to your team members in Singapore as you try to improve a product that really has been so streamlined and redesigned in the last 25 years that you really have no direction to move anywhere and any idea you come up with will be nowhere near as great as the solution that already exists so you are just going to run in circles until you find something that is maybe, possibly good enough to be even semi-presentable so that you can get a grade in this class and not walk away empty handed, but remember that the sponsor paid $20,000 for you to work on this so you really should try to deliver something that they will actually use, oh and don't forget that we want you to be on campus at 7 so you can listen to lectures on how to use Skype and google docs...hope you weren't busy with like a wedding or moving or anything - have a great year!!

That is my rant.

This blog is titled Life Beyond the Math Lab, which means I should not be talking about school.  Dangit.  I would talk about something else, but since Kyle is on a "business trip" to Harry Potter Land in Orlando, so I have just been catching up on school all week.



Last night.  I'm at my little apartment all by myself and there was this BLARING music.  Like, SO loud.  I could hear every word.  Green Day.  Weezer.  All-American Rejects.  After, you know, 10 songs I couldn't handle it anymore.  My head was pounding from the bass.  So I went outside to see where it was coming from.

I walk out and realize it is coming from the apartment RIGHT next to mine (we share a wall), and I can now tell that they are playing Rock Band.  So, feeling a little gutsy and wanting quiet so I could finally sleep, I knocked on the door (yes, I'm that girl).

"Hey guys.  I'm your neighbor.  Not that you aren't EXTREMELY talented, but I was wondering if you could turn it down, its kinda loud......(at this point I start feeling like some annoying old lady)...aaaaand also I've been meaning to intoduce myself since we are neighbors and stuff...what are your names?"

"I'm Ryan and this is my buddy Stewart."

"Oh cool.  I'm Jenny.......Can I play with you guys?"

"Yeah, haha, sure.  Come on in.  What do you like to play?"



So then we played a few songs, and I rocked out on drums and sang backup.

Headache gone.

Have a good weekend.

(Still HATE my blog layout.)


Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

Jenny Pate, I owe you a wedding gift... Would you like a pimped out Blog as a gift? If you sign up for WordPress I can accomplish such a feat for you! If not.. well... Suck it up princesa! :)

So sorry you're dealing with CapStone - I officially skipped mine since they had class size issues and got to take some process innovation consulting class that was way easier (IMO).

I need more stories of exploits. I enjoyed our phone chat the other day, but I realize it was terribly one-sided with all of my news. Keep me informed on life on you two and do what you can to move down here so we can be couple friends with you and Kyle!

(BTW, Harry Potter world?! SOOOO JEALOUS!)

Lindsey said...

Jenny! This is awesome. I love your rant on Capstone. It's definitely not what I expected either. I also love that you played Rock Band with those boys and the poem you wrote about your alarm clock. You're hilarious!

P.S. I'm not a stalker. Marianne referred me to the site because she loves you. :)