Friday, October 29, 2010

My Bad

Tomorrow is the Halloween Half Marathon.

Kyle signed us up.

We started training, but kind of gave up on it this week.

I also gave up on any sort of attempt to prepare myself.

In the past 36 hours I have eaten:
-2 slices of Papa Johns pizza dipped in the melted butter
-3.5 donuts: 2 twists, half an original, and 1 Pershing (yeah, the huge one)
-1 heart-attack-in-a-wrapper BYU Bookstore sausage and egg breakfast sandwich

Apparently, I am in denial that tomorrow I am supposed to haul my costumed butt 13 miles down Provo Canyon.  Shoot.

Enjoy your Halloween.


Paul & Rachel said...

you guys are too funny! half marathon also makes you insane! i'm sure you'll do awesome :)

Anonymous said...

So, how did Barbie do? - Betsy

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Hey! How did it go?? I didn't know you ran! Let me know if you want to run some more this saturday! -there is a haiti 5k that my bro is putting on.... and I'd love to see you :)
How is married life??