Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Some Stuff

San Juan, Puerto Rico
It’s my final semester here at BYU, and it is turning out to be pretty good (class wise, not social wise.  When your husband lives out of state, weekends are nothing to look forward to.)

Anyway, I feel like giving an update on all the super-fun-fantastic-be-jealous-of-my-life stuff going on right now (well...compared to my weekends).

Research: Today I submitted an abstract to the NCM (Neural Control of Movement) conference in Puerto Rico.  My professor (who is the absolute best person to work for) said that there is a pretty high chance it will get accepted and that I will be presenting a poster in April…in Puerto Rico from a hotel right on the beach.  Oh Jenny, you say, won’t that be expensive?  Well thanks to the ORCA grant that I received last week, and some funds from BYU, its FREE!  Yeah, I’m jazzed.  So, cross your fingers that the abstract gets accepted.

Capstone: Still hate it.  Our team hired an industrial designer to help with some drawings.  He’s a good addition.

Swimming 101: AWESOME.  Today we had to swim A LOT.  And I’m exhausted, but I love that class.  Especially since dear Jana-Rob from Wien 2010 is in my class (today when we swam 750 yards…she beat me by 200, but I still am her friend).

Tennis 101: Hasn’t started yet, but I’m excited.

Writing Creative Non-Fiction: Despite the abundance of estrogen, English snobbery, and intimidation, I love this class.  I love writing essays, you get to be all artsy introspective. 

Intramurals:  I have found a way to get an intramural champion t-shirt (which I ruled out as impossible after girls soccer freshman year).  It’s called Run For Your Life.  All I have to do is run 150 miles before April 13th (about 15 miles per week).  If I do it, I get a t-shirt.  Kyle says it’s cheating.  Also running related Kyle and I are running in the Red Rock Relay with my sister Betsy and her husband’s family.  It should be fun, I don’t think I’ll have to run more than 12 miles total, but I’ve never done a relay before, so I’m excited.

Other:  I have signed up for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE).  It’s 8 hours long.  Kyle and I are taking it together.  Aren’t we precious?

I am sad, because before I started writing this I had the second half of my TWIX bar left.  Now it is gone, and I don’t even remember eating it.  Bother.

Thank you for letting me rant about my kinda-but-not-so-much-kick-a life.  Hope you are all doing well.


Jessica Zincke said...

ooo, the i LOVED the relay I did. So fun!

Jessica Zincke said...

umm...I should've re-read that post before I posted it :)

The McKinleys said...

puerto rico???? sounds amazing. can i come?? :)

glad that things are going was so much fun to see you for a few minutes the other day. let's play more often. please?

love you!

Marianne said...

Congrats on the ORCA grant!! That's awesome. And good luck with the proposal--I'm sure you'll be accepted!

Hang in there with Capstone. You're MORE than half way there!!


Come see me if you need anything. I keep chocolate hidden in my desk drawer....

Jeff Rosenbaugh said...

I'm super pleased that life is fantastic! I am, however, quite distressed with the saga of the missing Twix... Has this become a recurring nightmare? Are scrumptious treats going missing frequently and without prejudice? Are you starting to have cravings that might be symptoms of a post-coital consequence?

Let me know, and if I need to I can fund or dissuade your Twix related problems.

Also, I laughed at least three times while reading. And Kyle is right, it's cheating.

Brianne said...

If you're bored on the weekends, we should hang out! I would love it =)

Paul & Rachel said...
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Paul & Rachel said...

puerto rico! jealous! that will be so much fun :) and i miss intramurals. it's just something you gotta do, get a tshirt before you graduate. tell kyle it's not cheating! a tshirt's a tshirt! i have one for wallyball and one for volleybal - and you better believe the wallyball one counts just as much as any other! haha

Paul & Rachel said...

and by volleybal i mean volleyball. typing too fast...

Jane Leavy said...

Puerto Rico?! I'm so jealous! I hope your abstract gets accepted. Congrats on the ORCA grant!

Jana said...

#1. Puerto Rico?! Take your traveling buddy! (For clarification, that is me.)


#3. Oh mans, you and Kyle ARE precious.