Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

Another resolution: work on my copyright infringing habits.
I have been such a poor blogger these days.  Oh well.

Kyle moved to Nevada this morning for a work rotation.  I am still here (in Provo) back at my parents house (yes, you read that one right) until April when I graduate from BYU.

To sum things up, life feels pretty lame right now.

But to cheer up my spirits let's talk about New Year's Resolutions.

1.  Graduate.
    (a) Write that paper about Vienna to get my Global & Cultural Awareness Credit.
    (b) Finish the hell that is called Capstone.
    (c) Try not to hate Mechanical Engineering.
2.  Run a Marathon.
    (a) Be like every other girl in the mid-twenties, white, married, mormon demographic.
    (b) Make it better than the Halloween Half.
    (c) Techinally train for it this year and run it next January in Houston, since a marathon there in September would literally be the definition of suicide.
3.  Be Better at Wife Duty.
    (a) Attempt to cook.
    (b) Try decorating.
4.  Be Better at Friend Duty.
   (a) Text back within less than the current standard 3 days.
    (b) Call first.
5.  Leave my Comfort Zone.
   (a)  Anything outside of the Crabtree or Clyde Building.
K, there are like a lot more things, but they are getting kinda personal, so I'll just leave them to myself.

Happy New Year!!!


The McKinleys said...

jenny, i love your resolutions :) especially the one about "being better at friend duty!" haha i will try and work on that as well. to start, we can begin by planning a craft day. that would complete resolutions #4 + 5. can't beat that!

p.s. i'm sorry you are without a husband :( that is definitely no bueno.

p.p.s. i should probably try to run at least a half-marathon too, so i can fit into the demographic...but i'm still trying to convince myself that it is humanly possible. haha

ok, this is turning into a novel. love you girl.

Lauren Billings said...

I still have all my thank you notes.. once it hit the year mark I decided it wasn't worth the stress anymore :) good luck with yours though!

Anonymous said...

I like your new template. You can tell the husband is gone since you have time to blog. - Betsy

Michelle and Brady said...

hahah love it love it! I miss you! Hope things are going good cutie!

Cindy said...

Hey Jenny! I loved running into you at the craft store at Christmas! Hope you are doing well, and that these next few months fly by for you.