Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time to Graduate

Every so often I see someone I sat next to in one of my classes freshmen year.  At one point we knew each other's names, we spoke daily in that English (or Math, or Physics, or Chemistry) class, we might have even worked on homework together, or perhaps a group project.  For a couple semesters after the class we would say hello when we ran into one another in the library or somewhere else on campus.

Now we don't say hello.

It isn't because we have forgotten the other person (I still remember names: Brad, Eric, Joe, Lexi, Alex, etc), it's just that those classes were over four years ago.  And instead of figuring out how those past four years have been, we just make eye contact and give the look that says in an instant,

"You are still here??  How many years is college taking you?  I guess I haven't graduated either......"

 And then, in shame, we look at our shoes and just keep walking.

April couldn't come any sooner.


Paul & Rachel said...

haha that makes me laugh. it was always a toss up - if i ran into someone from freshman academy - we'd either completely ignore each other or someone would attack with a huge hug. oh college. those were good times.

Pat said...

At least you still say hi to one of them.