Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buttons and Bookmarks

Results time is here!!  As a reminder, the challenge was to state how many of the following button links you understood:

After much clicking and googling, I have found what they all are.

Top Row: 
FacebookTwitterBloggerDiggDelicious from Yahoo!, Google BookmarkMister Wong (what????), MixxclassicNetvous

Second Row: 
Orkut by Google, RedditDiigo (um, weird...), StumbleUponWordpressYahoo!, Google BuzzE-mail a Friend, Plain ol' Bookmark

Crazy huh?  I am confused by A LOT of them, even after looking them up.  The internet is intense.

Although Kyle put up an intense fight, Jeff Rosenbaugh is our winner (14/18)!  I should have expected this with his all-things-technology expertise.  Jeff, I will be sending your candy bar (and wedding gift) in the mail shortly.  

To the rest of you (and me), a hearty congratulations on your internet illiteracy!

Also, a note.  The picture above comes from, an online literary journal of sorts.  I recommend it (if you are into creative non-fiction--or even if you are not).


Jeff Rosenbaugh said...


Also, we should talk soon.. I wanna know what you kids are up to! My update? Our ward is great and Church at 9 is the BEST! Also, I made homemade ice cream with our kitchenaid and the ice cream attachment tonight! FTW

Michelle and Cisco said...

Fun Fact:
So I went to and was looking at that "share this" box and what did I find? When you scroll over the plus sign it says "view more services" and clicking on it brought up over 340 ways to share it. I lost count.