Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Odd Combination

Is anyone else really confused when they see the Cowboys vs. Aliens trailer?  I laugh out loud every time.

Courtney got booted from The Biggest Loser.  Did anyone else cry?  I wanted her to win the whole thing.  I know most people aren't into that show like I am, but seriously this girl is a CHAMP.  She lost over 100 pounds before even getting onto the show, and then lost over 80 after that.  She's always happy and is seems incredibly sincere.  Of the bajillion seasons I've been following, she has been the most inspirational.  (Obviously, since I have never admitted my Loser watching habits before).  So yeah, if you watched it, and you were sad like me, and by some freak chance you are reading this, please comment so I know I'm not crazy.

I have my tickets and a room (I'm sharing with a PhD student from Italy, she seems really sweet) for Puerto Rico.  I leave the 26th.  I have been trying to get through all my data today.  I am not as good at MATLAB as I thought I was.  Dang it.  I should have expected this, remember how much I love programming?  Hopefully it all gets done in time, otherwise I will be presenting a big blank poster.

I give a copy of my essay to every person in my creative non-fiction class tomorrow.  This is always a stressful experience.  17 drafts to be ripped apart by actual ENGLISH majors.  I sweat and have shaky hands when it's my critique day (this is the third round).  Related: I got my first rejection letter this week--WOOT WOOT.  Only 9 more to go!  (I have a goal to get ten rejection letters from different literary journals.  The obvious goal, of course, is to be accepted and publish an essay, but counting rejection letters is a lot easier and ensures that I keep submitting).  I've really enjoyed my class this semester, and I'm hoping to take more classes in the future.

BIG NEWS: CAPSTONE ENDS IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK.  Worst. College. Experience. Ever.

K, obviously this post is going no where.  So I'll stop.  But really, if you haven't seen that trailer, go watch it.  (Oh, and I know he's old but Harrison Ford is still one of my favorites--despite Indian Jones 4--so I will forgive his participation in this movie).


Sara... said...

Natalie was really sad about the biggest loser. I wasn't incredibly bummed cause i like a couple other people better. did you know that this post was THE most random one i've ever seen. and i know random. oh well. love you.

Lindsey said...

Capstone rocks your world. Admit it.

The Yellow Dart said...

We are going to Cowboys & Aliens on opening night.

Allison said...

Capstone is almost over! And I'm excited to see cowboys and aliens, even if all I do is laugh during the whole thing.