Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Photo by JP
I am intimidated by my own blog.

I think about writing something, and it bullies me into thinking that is a bad idea.  Then a long time goes by and it gets harder and harder to write stuff.

Also, being married makes me confused as to what the point of this blog is.  Like, it isn't a couples blog (we post about adventures here), but my life isn't just about me anymore.  Not that it was before....I just thought it was.

But I'll stop overthinking and just write some stuff.  It's Wednesday afterall, aren't I supposed to be 'wordy'?  Or is it 'wordless'?  I know, how about Whatever Wednesday.

I guess the best way to explain my summer is this--through Saturdays:

April 30: San Juan, Puerto Rico (Research Conference.  Very nerdy but VERY awesome.)

May 7: Carson City, NV (Finally reunited with Kyle!)

May 14: Carson City, NV (By this point I'm getting bored because I don't have a car or a job....)

May 21:  Provo, UT (High School Reunion--thanks all who attended!!  Also, picked up my car.)

May 28: San Francisco, CA (LOOOOVE that city.)

June 4: Costa Rica (Yes, it was incredible.  And my sunburn is starting to peel.)

June 11: Denver, CO (Helping Mom-in-Law prep for Bro-in-Law's wedding.)

June 18: Spokane, WA (Attending said wedding.  Congrats Eric and Nicole!!)

June 25: Phoenix, AZ (I have a chubby nephew that needs love from me.)

July 2: Houston, TX (Time for this LAZY girl to start a JOB.)

Wow, that looks intense having it all typed out like that.  Three countries, six states, two months.  After July 2 it calms down until.....the holidays.  Not kidding.  New job has like zero vacation days.

Because we have been so busy I have been sort avoiding to the fact that I am not living by friends or family anymore-nor will I be for the next several years.  But somedays, while sitting in our one bedroom apartment smelling the chain smokers downstairs, I think about it and I get sad.

Miss and love all of you.  And don't worry, I still stalk all of your blogs religiously.  In fact, I get bored some days so feel free to post more often!!

Salut! (I learned French while in Puerto Rico.  Neat, huh?)


The McKinleys said...

WOWZA!!! you are one busy girl! looks like you guys are having fun though...i'm super jealous about the costa rica part. the picture is gorgeous.

oh, and how come i have never known about your other blog???? and why am i not invited to read it??? have we not been friends since 2nd grade? :) haha

in case you've misplaced my email it's

love + miss you!!!

Jana said...

First of all, I am impressed by your wide array of recent locations. Good job. I'm a proud explorer-buddy.

Second of all, more pictures plz.


Love you.

McKell + Garrett Hartle said...

oh jenny you crack me up. i am jealous of your trips! that picture is gorgeous...hope you are doing well and enjoying life ;)