Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Big Year

Today was my birthday, and what a crazy day it was.

This was my first birthday in 5 years that I wasn't going to be in reading days or finals.  I was excited to spend the day working a little and playing a lot.  Work turned out to be SO CRAZY.  Seriously, the busiest day I've had since I started working 6 months ago.  Which explains why I am awake at such a college-student-like hour.  What are the odds?

Being married makes birthdays lots of fun (even with all the working).  Kyle surprised me with flowers (they make my office look a million times better), piano music, and a point-and-shoot (I've been without one since I lost mine in Houston 2 years ago).  We volunteered building bikes for Elves and More here in Houston for a B-Day activity.  It was a well organized event.  LOTS AND LOTS of bikes for kids.  It's a neat program.

But my real reason for posting is to announce that I have REALLY big plans for this year.  Today starts the beginning of my 25th year on earth.  This 25th year will end on my 25th birthday on 12/12/12.  I am telling you all now that on 12/12/12 I am throwing myself a huge birthday bash.  I've been waiting for this birthday since, like, 2000.

But to have such a wonderful celebration on 12/12/12 I have to have an AMAZING year leading up to it.  I won't go into all the gory details but this past year has been one of unmet (or just un-set) goals, failed expectations (of myself), and all around mediocrity and averageness.  But NO MORE.  I have a list of 25 goals and high hopes that this coming year is going to be THE BEST EVER.

So, dear friends, thank you for your support on this birthday of mine (and every other day).  This truly is going to be a spectacular year.

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