Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12

Halfway there folks!!  Today I am 24 1/2.  25 is 6 months away!

A few updates on what is going well:

Be Vegetarian (#11):  This is only for 2.5 months (which I am rounding up to 3), but honestly I will probably extend this goal.  I thought I would find it really difficult, but it actually has made meals a lot better.  I started on April 12 (after having a filet mignon at Three Forks for a celebratory work lunch) and a lot has happened since then:  DisneyWorld.  Wedding.  Family Reunion.  There has been a lot of good food at all of these places, but I haven't cheated once!  Not a single time.  This is a major victory for me.  I feel great and have tried a lot of new recipes (#8), including Quinoa burgers, which were delicious.

Take 2500 Pictures (#20): For some this may be a ridiculous number, for others this might be done on a monthly basis.  The idea was that I need to a) take more pictures of my life because I was soooo bad at this our first year of marriage and b) I would like to develop some photography skillz.  I haven't tallied up the numbers, but I have been killin' it.  I am now the girl with the camera at pretty much everything (thanks Kyle for getting me a point-and-shoot for my last b-day).  If you have seen our blog recently, you have seen the evidence of my camera toting.

And updates on what needs improvement:

Make the Bed 250 Times (#7): I know it is ridiculous to associate numbers with each of these goals, but it makes things measurable, and isn't that a trait of a good goal?  Anyway, the bed.  250 times averages out to 5 times a week (which is how I actually track my progress) and while I often hit the 5 times a week, it is only because I make the bed when I get home at the end of the day :D.  I know I can find 97 seconds in my morning to make the bed, I just need to make this more of a priority.

Read 25 Books (#3):  I have been reading, but nothing that fun.  I need suggestions, please!!

Sigh.  I realize that this entire exercise is somewhat ridiculous, but it is only for a year and I can really say that it is working.  I am doing things more consistently.  I am pushing myself to try a little harder in areas I might ignore.  I have found courage where I would not have had any (example: I took an improv class, finally).  Kyle has been very supportive, as have families on both sides.  Thanks to all!

*P.S. I have been blogging up a storm here, but the blog has to be private.  Email me (jrpate7@gmail.com) if you would like access.  

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REBBIE said...

I love that you are doing the 12-month challenge before you turn 25. I turn 24 tomorrow...Mind if I copy you?