Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12

Time seems to pass so quickly.  Even though Texas days drag on, the weeks fly by.  Kyle and I just celebrated our second anniversary, and resigned our apartment lease.  Both major milestones.  I also hit my year mark at work.  The passing of time makes me restless.  I need a change or something new, especially around autumn time.  I need to be taking new classes or meeting new people.  I need milestones to mark the time.  I need pauses in a year that seems to be blurring together.

So I am pausing.  Pausing and thinking.

My grandmother passed away yesterday.  It was not unexpected as she has been in poor health since June.  As we drove home from the airport I read my grandfather's email out loud in my broken voice to Kyle.  By the time I reached the last line the words were a struggle:

"A good lady has finished her work here on this earth and has gone ahead to prepare the place for us.  May the Lord bless her."

I cried because she was so good and so is Grandpa.  And I cried because yesterday was Grandma's oldest child's birthday, my mom's birthday.  And I kept thinking that on that very day, 60 something years ago, Eileen had just become a new mother.  A mother filled with both angst and excitement as she held a newborn daughter in her arms.  A beautiful daughter that would raise eight hardworking, stubborn children.  The strength, resilience, and time (and timing) is overwhelming.  And that is why I am crying.

And pausing.  And thinking.

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Marianne said...

Oh Jenny. What a sweet post. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.

My heart goes out to you, and to your wonderful mother, whom I love so dearly. Lots of virtual hugs coming to you!!!

Pausing and thinking are good, especially at times like these.

Love you so much.