Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12

What happened to this year!?!  I know I start every post with some iteration of "time is flying", but like really, it is almost 2013. 

Life is busy and full..wonder-full and beauti-full.  This past month has been one great experience after another, which I hope will fill me with energy as we move into this crazy holiday season. 

I am starting a new assignment at work on December 1st (it's expected--they give you three new assignments in your first 5 years).  This means no more globe trotting for me.  I have loved visiting all sorts of new places (7 countries on 3 continents), but it is exhausting and poor Kyle doesn't love when I leave for a month at a time.  I do have one more trip to London on Wednesday, but after that I'll be in the States for a long time.  Sounds great to me!

I am also starting a new assignment at church that will take over my life if I let it, but it is already so much fun and I'm learning A TON.  Primary (Sunday School for the niños) is really a great place to be.

My goals are going so well.  This month I feel like everything was just fitting into place.  Running, new recipes, letter-writing, weight loss, service, piano, all of it.  Texas is not my favorite place in the world, but lately I feel like we fit here.  Like we have purpose.  (I still cry a lot about a lot of things, but I think that's just going to be a part of my life forever...I'm one of those people).

12/12/12 is now only a month away, and while I have some strings to tie up, I feel strong coming into the finish.  I realize I have not shared a lot about this year on this blog (intentionally) but I do want to "publish" this for the internets: setting realistic, measurable goals is a great way to take your life up a step.  I've been told this all my life, but I guess I'm just really figuring it out at age-almost-25.  What do you all think about goals?  Do they work for you?

I'll be back in a month to wrap up.

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Marianne said...

You inspire me. I can't wait to hear about how all your goals turned out. And also, good luck with your new assignments at work and at church!