Writing +

So, we all know I'm not in the MOST creative field, so I try to compensate by having interesting hobbies and goals (to the degree that I can-I don't paint well or write songs...yet).

One of these goals is to publish a creative non-fiction piece in a journal or other publication.  However, it's all about setting small attainable goals.  So I am aiming to get 10 rejection letters.

This is where I track them.

1.  Publication: Inscape 
Submission: "Decaf" and "Mayfly in June"

2.  Publication: NY Times
Submission:  "On Independence"

If I make it to 10 with out a single "Congratulations" that means I've met my goal!  If I get an acceptance along the way-I meet my other goal?

It all works out.